T H R I I V E . A I


Leading digital healthcare into the future with the industry’s first dedicated SaaS platform for managing implanted devices.

Positive Impact for All

For Patients

Thriive ensures that patients are informed and engaged across the entire continuum of care. Reducing uncertainty and lack of knowledge, patients can learn about different devices and their associated risks, have safer implantation operations and be able to communicate directly with healthcare providers to monitor their on-going health via our dedicated mobile app.

For Doctors

We enable doctors to have access to real-time data so they can make safer, more informed decisions about care delivery of an implanted device – from enabling personalized patient care plans to timely intervention in their treatment. Taking the guesswork out of treating patients with implanted devices leads to higher care and time efficiencies.

For Hospitals

Thriive positively impacts the entire operational flow for hospitals – empowering managers to optimize procurement, minimize adverse outcomes and lower the risk for longer hospitalization and lawsuits. This all leads to lower costs and higher revenues.

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